About Us

Taller d’en Pich is a family-owned company founded in 1986 in Las Franqueses del Vallès.
We have sales outlets located in Granollers and Les Franqueses del Vallès, featuring updated showrooms that complement the distribution of internationally recognized brands such as Santos, Modulnova, Gaggenau, BD Barcelona, The Top by Marazzi, among many others, with own elaboration for architecture and interior design projects. 

We work closely with designers, interior designers, architects and professionals in the sector who are involved in all phases of the project and providing the experience and technology for its development, as well as process optimization to obtain the expected product in the best conditions. Taller d'en Pich has presented its catalog of 3D products of its own manufacture to provide added value to each space, offering the possibility of customization for each project. 

We offer solutions and products for all types of projects, with the same enthusiasm and always pursuing our main objective of always moving forward and seeking new challenges. 

Our continuous investment in technology and human resources, along with our commitment to the environment, means that we currently have one of the most innovative and sustainable 3D CNC work centers in the national market for the development of natural stone and porcelain. 

At Taller d’en Pich you will find a professional and multidisciplinary team, which will advise you from the first moment to find the ideal solution that best suits your aesthetic, functional, and economic needs. We will create a personalized and exclusive design, adapting it to your space and your way of living.

We work with 100% renewable energy

At Taller d'en Pich, we have a photovoltaic installation on our roof with 192 high-efficiency solar panels. This installation provides us with a peak power of 90 kWp. 

With this installation we can cover our own electricity consumption at the same time as its production. The surplus energy we have during the weekends is returned to the distribution company's network. 

In this way, we can say that Taller d'en Pich works with 100% renewable and self-consumption energy.

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