Our equipment

The technological advances of recent years have allowed us to have an equipment to develop 3D projects, volumes, structures and columns, marquetry and precise finishes.

Jet 625 Donatoni 5 ejes

It combines the technology of the 5-axes bridge disc with the 5-axes CNC machining center in a single solution.

Waterjet Flow 5XD

Water jet cutting with 5-axes technology. For more precise finishes on all kinds of stone surfaces.

Master 33 Intermac

CNC machine to perform solid workup to 30cm, milling, … To perform all types of recesses on natural stone.

Comandulli Omega 100

Latest generation equipment for the preparation of edges that allows us to make finishes in 3 dimensions up to 10 cm thick, including the development of all types on grooves ventilated facade work.

MasterSaw 625 Intermac

It is a double-table and 5-axes work center, which allows us to work volumes 70 cm high and 3D elaboration, 100 m2 of equipment to perform all kinds of work.